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The University of Minho (UMinho), through its UM-Cities platform, intends to value, transfer and apply knowledge in municipalities and regions on the basis of reciprocal exchange and valorisation.
Its action has aimed to put the thematic of the territorialisation of the development in the agenda, seen from the action of the municipalities, giving visibility, recognizing and rewarding good practices in projects implemented by municipalities with significant impacts on the territory, economy and society.
UM-Cities intends to promote, in a continuous and in a in-depth way, the discussion of "Smart and Sustainable Cities and Territories", enabling, articulating and reinforcing the scientific cooperation of the UMinho Research Units that collaborate in these themes.
UM-Cities has been creating partnerships with national and international entities. It is represented in the direction of the Cluster Smart Cities Portugal and follows the development and action of the Quadrilátero and other strategic projects.