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 Mission and Objectives


 ​UM-Cities's mission is to contribute to filling the gap between knowledge, policy and practice in the Cities and Regions theme.
UM-Cities maintains an Executive Training Academy directed at elected representatives, senior managers and technicians of municipalities and companies operating on the territory.
UM-Cities develops a program of discussions and seminars with selected guests addressing issues relevant to the Cities and Territory.
UM-Cities maintains an Analysis unit, which develops studies and projects in areas relevant to the Cities and Territory.
UM-Cities organizes the City of the Year Awards, which distinguish good practices from municipalities in the national territory, in the social, economic and environmental dimension.


Being and being recognized in the Portuguese speaking space as the reference platform in the transfer of knowledge on management and strategy of Cities and regions, exploring the mutual valorisation potential of local governments and knowledge centres.


UM-Cities adopts the guiding principles established in article 3 of the Statutes of the University of Minho:
1. The University fulfils its mission and pursues its objectives based on respect for the dignity of the human person and its promotion, prohibiting any kind of inhumane treatment.

2. The University respects the principles of equality, democratic participation, pluralism of opinions and guidelines, and guarantees the freedoms of learning, teaching and research.

3. The University carries out its work with a culture of quality based on responsibility, the effectiveness of its action and the prevalence of the general interest.